Pedal Cars


Many years ago I created a pedal car for my daughter. She pedalled her way around the local streets for several years and even took part in a couple of car shows. As a result an enthusiast with his own collection of Austins contacted me to discuss commissioning something similar for his granddaughter. We settled on a Chummy.

The car is as faithful to the real thing as possible with an A-frame chassis, timber frame and aluminium panels. It is just under half-size, the scale being determined by available pram wheels. The steering has the correct camber, caster and Ackermann angles (memories of a Triang pedal car in my childhood made me resolve to get this right) and most importantly working lights and horn. In true Austin Seven fashion it doesn’t have any brakes!

Choosing a single-seat layout meant the cranked back axle could clear the seat and give extra legroom. Thankfully this leaves a convenient space for teddies or shopping at the back of the car. My customer supplied two-pack paint to match one of his own cars.