Moray 2 Seater

The Moray body is an affordable ash and plywood 2 seater for the special builder who has a long wheelbase Austin Seven chassis as their starting point. 

It is currently available as a complete bodyshell and it will suit anyone with aspirations to build a fabric-bodied car but not the time to design it from scratch.  It is a lightweight construction with an opening boot lid allowing a spare wheel to be stored flat to maximise access to the boot space. Constructed on a steel floor with a steel bulkhead designed to take an Ulster petrol tank. We can fabric-cover it to your chosen colour if desired; the design lends itself to either one or two colours of fabric with an aluminium moulding dividing it at the waist.  If you choose to carry out the fabric covering yourself you’ll find it very straightforward with no stretching required apart from the bootlid

Some time in the future we anticipate making it available as a self-assembly kit. Wings and bonnet panels will also be made available at a later date but in the meantime we can deliver the body to a local metalworker for completion of the other panels.