Wherever possible, I like to keep the history of a car alive for future generations, so if you need help or advice in bringing your old bodyshell back from the brink, I’d love to talk to you. 

If you want to build a special, please try to avoid breaking an original car that could otherwise be restored – only if you are able to find a chassis which has lost its bodyshell, or is completely beyond restoration, would I recommend building a new shell for your project.

At the moment I have three “off the peg” bodies available and I intend to develop others in the future for a variety of tastes and budgets. The bodies are traditionally made using well-seasoned Scottish-grown ash with marine or aircraft ply cladding. They are suitable for covering in fabric. Delivery times vary depending what else is in the workshop, so please give me a ring to discuss your needs.


Replica Gordon England Cup

Includes complete wooden structural bodyshell skinned in ply, doors skinned in ply, boot-lid frame and dashboard: £4300

Floor, seat base and tunnel: £380

(Does not include ali boot skin, boot hinges or door hinges).

Highland Sports Coupe

Ash framed bodyshell with ply skin, doors, boot, boot lid and steel floorplan with tunnel: £8950.

Steel bulkhead and toe-boards: £915

Supply and fit boot hinges and door hinges: £900.

(Does not include wings, bonnet or sill covers).

Moray 2-seater sports 

Suits Austin 7 long wheelbase chassis. Laminated ply panels, ash frame, steel floor and bulkhead. Includes boot hinges and ali mouldings.

£2900 in bare timber or £4100 fabric covered

Seat frames & bases for Austin Ulsters. 
We have supplied a number of these for the Ulsters and specials of various kinds.

Ash framework for the seat back: £200 + delivery
Seat bases in ash with a laminated ply top: £140 per pair + delivery
Seat bases in pine with laminated ply top: £115 per pair + delivery

Coming Soon!

Replica MG M-type body.

Please note: all prices include VAT and delivery within mainland Scotland. Further deliveries by negotiation.