Big Cats and Small Chickens


A symbiotic relationship with my neighbouring bronze foundry has enabled me to capitalise on my pattern-making skills and begin an exciting new project for 2021. The Jaguar XK120 will be the subject of a limited edition run of sculptural bronze castings, specifically the “seven days and seven nights” record breaking car which grabbed the attention of the world’s media in 1952 by running at and average of over 100mph for a week.

Black Isle bronze are taking care of the lost-wax casting and patinating whilst I enjoy finding discerning customers for the completed cars. There are already plans for a follow-on project so do get in touch if you would like to stay informed of progress.

Small chickens

Members of the American Austin Bantam Club made me so welcome when I joined their club some years ago that I decided to explore the market for a model Austin. When I began pattern-making for the first American Austin Coupe they enthusiastically provided all the measurements I needed and helped with marketing the first production run.

10 years on I have built over three hundred 1:43 scale models in 5 different types of Bantam and Austin. They have found buyers in America, France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Austria and the UK, many of whom have become personal friends.