Art Deco Caravan

For some years I have been using a caravan chassis as a camping trailer behind our Ruby. It is typical of the post-war period when caravan building was a popular hobby but supplies of vehicles and parts were scarce, constructors often scavenging parts from scrapyards. This one has Austin Seven suspension and wheels along with various fittings.

Apart from an odd oak door panel there was no bodywork. I have designed what is effectively a scaled down 1930s caravan body complete with dormer windows at each end. There is a hint of Nissen hut about them and caravan aficionados will recognise design cues from the Raven Argonette in the overall proportions.

The size however is much reduced – just 7’6” long and I have been obsessive about weight saving in order that the Ruby can still tow it. By using carefully designed components and modern materials I hope to keep it below 150kg. It’s a long term project but the pine frame and ply sides are complete; the next stage will be wrapping the roof and end panel before fitting it to the old chassis.