Miscellaneous Projects

After a great many hours of development I am now able to print dashboards and window surrounds with woodgrain as supplied in late ‘30s Austins. Many owners choose to “scumble” their tinware but originally they were printed in some way.  My technique matches the grain type and base colour of the originals.

A ply and ash sunroof for a Morris 10. The construction replicates the correct double curvature which many restorers struggle with.

Produced for my client who embarked on an ambitious European tour with his family in their Austin Pearl. The trunk has one compartment to fit his cool bag (for the white wine!) and another for general storage. The drop-down door serves as a usual picnic table. Seen here trial fitted to my own Ruby.

Some casting patterns produced for the re-manufacture of rubber tunnel matting. I can provide loose patterns for most casting applications.