Highland Coupe

In the Austin Seven world later long wheelbase chassis are more prolific than vintage ones.

Open sports bodies are readily available but closed cars have largely been ignored by special builders. My friend Ruairidh Dunford and I felt there was merit in designing a vintage-looking sports coupe for the long chassis. We enjoy working together – Ruairidh’s skills in mechanical restoration and my ash-framing complement each other well – so decided on a joint venture to design a car from scratch.

At the heart of the design  are all the same internal measurements that you would find on any sporting Seven. So an Ulster driver will find it ergonomically similar if a little more refined. The cabin is a feast of leather and inlaid hardwood, with an added drinks cabinet – for the navigator of course! Externally it draws on influences from MG, Gordon England and coachbuilders of the 20’s. 

Apart from a few details the car is now complete and was displayed at the Austin 7 centenary celebrations. The combination of a strong new frame and fabric covering has given it a tight, rattle-free “new car” feeling unlike any other Seven I have driven.

Please see the slideshow below of the body construction: